Hi, I’m Jessica Landes, a freelance violinist and violin teacher with an acute interest in making live music accessible and a natural part of our environment.


Beautiful music
for all of life’s seasons.

Live music adds atmosphere, personality, and style to meaningful moments. I love collaborating with clients to find ways live music can add meaning to their event.

  • Weddings large or small
  • Banquets and special events
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Memorials and funerals
  • Last minute planning available
  • Live music packages as low as $200


Developing life skills through music,
one step at a time.

I use a community-rich, collaborative form of the Suzuki approach, classical violin playing technique, all music genres, and a teaching method crafted to each student’s learning needs to develop well-rounded musicians that can use music in its many forms for life-long personal, local and global enrichment.

Music Lab with Jessica

Wilmington-area music micro-workshops for all ages.


“I chose music lessons for my children because it broadens their scope of intellectual development and diversity of skill set.  I know that whatever my children choose to become, music lessons will be an underpinning of their success because of the connections it helps to create in the brain.  I’m not a musician, but I can see ways that the music lessons I took when I was a child benefit me to this day.”

Julie F., Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Parent, Wilmington, NC

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